PrimeCare health group™ providers participate in the Sanford Health Plan® network.

Sanford Health Plan® policyholders do not need a referral to see PrimeCare providers.

PrimeCare health group™

In 1994 the PrimeCare health group brought together the most respected healthcare providers in the region.  PrimeCare health group is a provider network that includes CHI St. Alexius Health  and Mid Dakota Clinic in addition to 10 regional hospitals, 600 doctors and other health professionals in 65 specialty areas, working in more than 90 regional clinics and facilities. These are the hospitals, doctors, and clinics that so many have come to know and trust.  Our members represent experienced, trusted, and proven medical providers.  PrimeCare stands for affordable, quality care with the freedom to choose your doctor.  We may have individual names and services, but you can be assured that members of the PrimeCare health group work together as a provider network to best serve your healthcare needs.  For more than 20 years we have been bringing together advanced technologies and highly trained, caring professionals, we are PrimeCare - Centers of Excellence.